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Steak is in our blood!

36 Years Culinary Experience
We take our beef and wine very seriously. Asado is proud to exclusively source its beef from Pampas, an area of Argentina famous for its high quality steak.
Every steak comes from Aberdeen Angus cattle reared in the lucious grasslands of Pampas. Fresh water rivers from the Andes flow into the Pampas grasslands, where seventeen grass varieties grow, providing the perfect rearing ground for the highest quality beef, giving you the most authentic taste of Argentina.
Combining over 30 years of experience, our two senior Head Chefs are specialists in Argentinian steak. Combining their knowledge from some of Londonā€˜s top steak houses with their time spent in senior positions at Michelin Star restaurants and working alongside celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Fernando Trocca.
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